Great performance for team Ying De Men at Open Dutch Wushu Championship 2018!

Open Dutch Wushu Championship is one of the largest Wushu events in The Netherlands where many wushu schools compete in multiple categories from modern and tradition kungfu. It is one of the best opportunities for talented athletes to show their skills they acquired in thousands of hours of hard training.

Open Dutch Wushu Championship 2018


This spring on 31st of March team Ying De Men participated at the Open Dutch Wushu Championship and achieved one of the greatest performances in the latest years.

We also had a lot of fun and in the end we made the "traditional" wushu stances photo:

Team Ying de Men wushu stances

Here are the results: 

  • Coach Shaobo got 3x gold for Nan Quan optional, Nan Dao optional and Nan Gun optional
  • Mihai got 1x bronze for Chang Quan 5th Duan and 1x gold from Jian Shu elementary
  • Noaman got 1x bronze for Nan Quan compulsory 1st set
  • Faheem got 1x silver for Wubu Quan
  • Aswin got 1x gold for Wubu Quan

Video gallery: