About us

Ying De Men is a Wushu school founded by coach Shaobo Tang in 2005 and currently stationed in the SVU (Sportcentrum Vrije Universiteit) in Uilenstede, Amstelveen. Ying De Men in Chinese is 英德门 and has dubbel meaning: Ying which stands for outstanding, heroic, but it is also short for England. De which stands for  virtue and morality, but it is also short for Germany. Men which means clan or faction, but it also means doorway.

So meaning is the clan/faction of the outstanding, heroic and virtuous that is forming a doorway between England and Germany (so in the Netherlands). 

Coach Shaobo started the school originally in the Sportcentrum of University of Amsterdam.. After 6 years he moved it to the Sportcentre of Vrije University and settled here with an official wushu carpet.  Shaobo has been practising Wushu for more than 17 years and is a multiple Dutch national champion. He has also won 2 European Championships bronze medals, became 10th of World Wushu Championships, and is an official Dutch Wushu Team member and NOC*NSF status athlete. 

Shaobo Tang won the bronze medal at the 16th European Wushu Championships in Moscow


He has dedicated his life to training Wushu at top level and is frequently going to Chinese Provincinal teams (like Shandong Wushu team, Shanghai Wushu team etc) to learn and train to better himself.

His most noticeable teachers are:

- Huang Shao Xiong (former Chinese and World champion, current Vietnam team coach)

- Wei Xin (current Shandong Wushu team coach)

- Influenced/coached by Wang Peng Cheng (former Shanghai Wushu team member, current Shanghai team junior coach)

He has been teaching since 2005 to nurture more talented athletes and dedicating himself to make Wushu better known and established in the Netherlands.